Ten Things An Applied Animal Behaviorist Wishes Everyone Knew About Horses

Dr. Sue McDonnell, a certified applied animal behaviorist at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine, says it’s time for people to rethink common beliefs about equine behavior. The founder of the equine behavior program at the University’s New Bolton Center believes education is the key to understanding why horses act the way they […]

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Gender Stereotypes Do More Harm Than Good In Horse World — Especially For Mares

Studies have shown that people in the equine world have preconceived notions about horse temperament, behavior and rideability based solely on the horse’s gender—specifically mares. This bias could harm mares and fillies by causing them to be overlooked as mounts and companion animals, and potentially affect how humans interact with them. Unfounded prejudice can create […]

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BLM Needs 15 Years And $5 Billion To Get Wild Horse Population Under Control

The overpopulation of wild horses on federal lands has been an issue for years. There are currently over 88,000 wild horses and burros on land that has been determined to be suitable for 26,500 horses. When the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act went into effect in 1971, the goal was to stop and reverse […]

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UPenn’s Semi-Wild Pony Herd Helps Domestic Equines

Dr. Sue McDonnell, a board-certified applied animal behaviorist and founding head of the Equine Behavior Program and Research Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, established a semi-feral pony herd at UPenn’s New Bolton Center 25 years ago. Kept on 50 acres, the ponies are not handled, and breed and socialize as […]

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