Is Thoroughbred Influence Still Needed In Showjumping?

Showjumping has evolved dramatically from where it began, with more-technical courses and a shorter time allowed in competition. These changing parameters require much more speed and adjustability than just pure equine force that was sufficient in years past. The need for speed and reactivity led many breeds to introduce Thoroughbred blood into their breeding. But […]

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In Knots? British Researchers Searching For Genetic Risk For Tying Up

British researchers at the Royal Veterinary College as undertaking a study to identify the genetic risk factors associated with recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis (RER), also called tying up. Scientists hope this study will help in developing new therapeutic measures to help horses affected by the disease. Tying up is exercise induced, and some believe there is […]

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Study Lends Some Data To Herbal Treatment For Pain Relief

Devil’s claw has been used to treat pain and inflammation in horses for years, but not much is known about how the equine body responds to the active ingredients. Because of this, the appropriate dosage has been difficult to determine, reports The Horse. A scientist at the University of Veterinary Medicine, in Vienna, Austria, Dr. […]

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Breeding For A Pretty Face Can Mean Massive Dental Problems

Dr. Vikki Fowler, a veterinarian and an equine dental technician, has warned that breeding equines for “designer” faces can cause them pain by not leaving enough room in their mouth for their teeth. Breeders are emphasizing very dished faces, which means the horses and ponies are being born with smaller mouths. If there is not […]

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Cosequin Presents Aftercare Spotlight: A Warmblood With A ‘Thoroughbred Work Ethic’

Usually the horses featured in Aftercare Spotlight have found second careers under saddle in non-racing disciplines. Some of them jump or perform dressage; others run barrels, chase cattle, do police work or play polo. This week’s featured horse found her calling in a different arena. Actually, her calling is not in an arena at all, […]

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Recently Imported Warmblood Tests Positive For EHV-1 In Kentucky

A Warmblood mare being quarantined in Kentucky has tested positive for equine herpesvirus-1 (EVH-1), according to the Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC). According to reports, the Kentucky Office of the State Veterinarian was contacted on Monday, February 26 that a Warmblood mare recently imported through the USDA’s New York Animal Import Center and residing at […]

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Sinkhole Tries To Swallow Horse On Kentucky Farm

A 25-year-old Warmblood named Historie is one lucky equine, in more ways than one. Found down in her field by caretaker Joe Shuman when she didn’t come up to eat, her owners, Drs. Claire Latimer and Rolf Embertson, both veterinarians at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, were notified. Dr. Embertson was still at Rood and […]

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Length Of Mare’s Pregnancy Affected Maternal Lineage

A study of Warmblood horses conducted in Europe showed that maiden and aged mares were more likely to have female foals than male. Researchers also found that the maternal lineage also influenced the length of gestation. “To the best of our knowledge, this has neither been proven for the horse nor for other mammalian species […]

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