Under Pressure: Vets May Feel Push To Prescribe Antibiotics To Horses

One trend from the human medical world is carrying over to the equine veterinary world: veterinarians are feeling pressured to prescribe antibiotics to animals without first seeing them. A recent Australian study published in the Journal of Internal Veterinary Medicine found large-animal veterinarians feel pressured to prescribe antibiotics to their clients without seeing the animal, […]

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HSUS Supports Parts Of Trump’s Budget Bill

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is supporting parts of the final 2018 budget bill from President Trump that went into law in March. The HSUS stated on their website that the bill “includes language that will restrict funds from being used to harm horses and to address a purge of key animal […]

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Senior Horses May Not Need Plethora Of Spring Vaccines

While vaccinations are key to keeping horses healthy, vaccinating horses in their mid- to upper-20s comes with some additional concerns. While it’s important to ask the horse’s veterinarian what vaccines he must receive, if the horse doesn’t leave the farm and is not exposed to other horses, there are some vaccinations that he may not […]

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Are Veterinary Salaries Driving Up The Cost Of Care?

Over the past several years the number of pets in the U. S. has been on the rise, while the number of visits to veterinary hospitals has dropped. The result has been that the average cost of veterinary services throughout the country has been increasing at a rate faster than inflation. The American Veterinary Medical […]

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AAEP Updates Infectious Disease Guidelines, Addresses Rhodococcus equi

Updated Infectious Disease Control Guidelines, including newly created guidelines for Rhodoccocus equi, have been published by the American Association of Equine Practitioners and are available on the AAEP’s website. Most of the changes to established guidelines pertain to updated sampling and control measures. The AAEP’s Infectious Disease Committee also amended suspected case guidelines for respiratory, neurologic […]

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Horse In Japan Likely Contracted MRSA From Veterinarian

Recently a Thoroughbred in a Japanese veterinary hospital was diagnosed with MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), a bacterium that causes infection in various parts of the body. The question soon arose – how did the horse contract the deadly and difficult-to-treat disease? The attending veterinarians, who work for the Japan Racing Association (JRA), conducted an investigation […]

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Does Knowledge Of Laminitis Affect Decisions Regarding Equine Health?

A new study will investigate how a horse owners’ understanding of laminitis affects their horse-care decisions. It is hoped that learning more on this topic will help determine the most effective ways to convey evidence-based science to horse owners, therefore improving equine welfare. A painful condition that affects the hoof, laminitis requires ongoing treatment and […]

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Strategic Vaccination Improves Horse Health

According to recent surveys, many horse owners continue to decline routine, recommended vaccinations for various reasons such as perceived safety issues, concerns regarding adverse effects, and cost. Refusal to vaccinate, however, puts horses at risk for disease. Considering the economic impact of the equine industry worldwide, minimizing infectious disease and improving equine welfare continue to be important […]

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Video Of Horse Fitted With Prosthetic Limb Causes Outrage From Veterinarians

Members of the equine health community, including Karen Coumbe, a veterinarian often used as an expert resource by Horse and Hound said she was “horrified” to see footage that was circulated online showing a horse who had been fitted with a prosthetic limb struggling to walk. The clip was from a veterinary clinic in Columbia. […]

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