Genetic Differences Determine If Standardbreds Trot Or Pace

Scientists have recently identified genetic variants that are responsible for determining whether a horse trots or paces. An algorithm has been created that is 99.4 percent accurate at determining which way a horse will move. Prior to this discovery, it was known that a “gait-keeper gene” existed; mutations on the DMTR3 gene resulted in a […]

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Researchers Pinpoint The Cause Of Naked Foal Syndrome Thanks To Gene Sequencing

Akhal-Teke horses, a breed native to Turkmenistan, are known for their endurance, speed, intelligence and distinctive metallic sheen. This breed is also susceptible to a condition known as Naked Foal Syndrome, in which foals are born with almost no hair and scaly skin. Horses with the condition die between a few weeks old and 3 […]

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