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Horse Plus Humane Looks For New Ways To Reach At-Risk Horses

Combating the problem of the unwanted horse in the United States often feels akin to emptying the ocean with a teaspoon. As anyone in the rescue world will tell you, there are a variety of factors influencing a horse’s change in status from ’employed’ to ‘in need.’ Tawnee Preisner, founder and president of Horse Plus […]

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AHP Survey Shows Economic Stability For Horse Owners, Changes In Management Practices

American Horse Publications (AHP) conducted its fourth online nationwide equine industry survey sponsored by Zoetis from January 22, 2018, through April 1, 2018. The survey’s three main objectives are: to gauge participation trends and management practices in the U.S. equine industry; to identify critical issues facing the equine industry as perceived by those who own […]

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Leading Astray: The Free Roaming Horses Of Eastern Kentucky

When traveling southeast of Lexington, Ky., large farms filled with sleek Thoroughbreds give way to smaller farms and gaited horses, then finally to mountains with horses kept in small lots behind tiny homes clinging to the mountainside. A little farther east and you’re in the Appalachian region of the state, which comprises 54 of Kentucky’s […]

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Free-Range, Abandoned Horses A Growing Problem In Kentucky

According to a USA Today report, the population of free-roaming horses in Kentucky’s eastern mountain region has reached unsettling levels. People have either been grazing horses or turning them loose on reclaimed surface mines in the Appalachians for years, but the practice has gone on for so long that the herds are producing their own foals […]

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California Drought Creates Desperate Situation for Horse Owners

Unusually dry weather in central California is beginning to take a toll on ranchers and horse farmers, according to a CNN report on Thursday. Horse owner Harold Kelly admitted to borrowing money to feed his animals hay during a part of the year when they could normally rely on pasture. Others have reached the end […]

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British Official Questions True Meaning of ‘Welfare’

As Britain continues to deal with equine welfare challenges, Lee Hackett of the British Horse Society questions whether “welfare” should equal keeping horses alive. When horse lovers see an abandoned equid, their instinct is often to try to find a placement for it, but Hackett says rescue centers in Britain are severely overpopulated, with more […]

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Slaughterhouse Sues New Mexico Officials for Slander

Valley Meat Company, the business that has been fighting to begin slaughtering horses in New Mexico, announced this week that it will sue New Mexico Attorney General Gary King for slander, harassment, conspiracy, and abuse of process. Blair Dunn, attorney for the company, submitted letters to the state’s risk management department citing his intentions. Dunn […]

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Irish Officials: Five Thousand Abandoned Horses Euthanized Since 2012

Irish authorities are reporting that about 5,000 horses have been euthanized in the last two years as the government has seen a rise in horses let loose or abandoned on public lands. The country’s Control of Horses act allows officials to impound horses grazing in public places but recent updates to the law dictate that […]

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Irish Government Exploring Euthanasia for Unwanted Horses

Officials say that the crackdown on horses entering the food supply in Europe has lead to an excess of unwanted horses without the proper paperwork to enter a slaughterhouse. According to a report by the Irish Times, officials estimate that 24,000 horses were slaughtered in factories last year, while only 6,500 have been slaughtered this year, […]

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