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Body Language Key To Handling Horses

  While many times horse handlers are taught to be confident and assertive when working with horses, there are times when more-submissive body postures can be beneficial. To test what type of body language horses responded to the best, scientists from the University of Sussex used 45 riding-school horses and five pairs of demonstrators whom […]

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It’s Not Your Imagination: Study Shows Horses Have A Range Of Facial Expressions

Mammal communication researchers have shown that, like humans, horses use muscles underlying various facial features – including their nostrils, lips and eyes – to alter their facial expressions in a variety of social situations. The findings, published in PLOS ONE today (05 August 2015), suggest evolutionary parallels in different species in how the face is […]

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Study: Horses Use Each Others’ Ears Position, Gazes To Communicate

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Sussex has unearthed new details about what types of facial cues horses use to communicate with each other. Though it’s not news that horses use flying feet and teeth to express disapproval in the field, scientists were surprised to learn how strongly ears and gazes influenced […]

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Study: ‘The Eyes (and Ears) Have It’ When It Comes to Equine Behavior

A new University of Sussex study has shown that horses use a variety of visual cues to work out what may be going on in a stablemate’s head. And one of the most important factors for communication is the direction of a horse’s ears. Mammal communication experts Jennifer Wathan and Professor Karen McComb, whose paper […]

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