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Study: Bone-Related Swelling More Common Than Previously Believed

Researchers at the University of Exeter in England have discovered that a significant number of horses have abnormal swelling in the bone marrow of their leg bones, called bone marrow oedema-like abnormalities (BMOA). These horses also had localized increased bone density. Drs. Christine Heales, Ian Summers, Jonathan Fulford, Karen Knapp and Peter Winlove say further […]

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Does Hurdle And Fence Color Affect Horse And Rider Safety?  

New research from the University of Exeter indicates that horses may see white and yellow more clearly than the color orange. Strips of orange are currently used on hurdles and fences on British racecourses to help the human eye process the location of the obstacle, but the new study indicates changing the colors of the […]

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Study: Thoroughbreds, Especially Sprinters, Are Getting Faster

A study released this week in the journal¬†Biology Letters indicates that conventional thinking about the evolution of the Thoroughbred could be all wrong. While previous research has indicated that horses have reached a “peak” in terms of speed capability, researchers at the University of Exeter in Great Britain say that theory could be wrong. Drs. […]

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