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UC Davis Names Dr. Bret McNabb Director Of Large Animal Clinic

Dr. Bret McNabb has been appointed as director of the Large Animal Clinic at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH), effective April 1, 2020 for a five-year term. An assistant professor of clinical livestock reproduction in the School of Veterinary Medicine’s Department of Population Health and Reproduction, Dr. McNabb has been service chief […]

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Standing Equine PET Scan Now Ready For Clinical Use On Racehorses In Training

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, in collaboration with LONGMILE Veterinary Imaging, has completed the first phase of the validation of the MILE-PET, the first positron emission tomography (PET) scanner specifically designed to image the limbs of standing horses, using light sedation, eliminating the need for anesthesia. The first phase of this study, funded […]

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A Jockey/Veterinarian’s Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein: ‘I Only Ask That You Recognize The Progress Being Made’

Dear Honorable Senator Feinstein, Thank you for caring so much about our state and having a compassionate ear to listen to each individual need. I wanted to address some of your concerns over the horse racing industry. I am a veterinarian, as well as a jockey, a combination of pursuits that gives me a unique […]

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Standing Ovation: New Scanner At UC Davis Designed For Racehorses

With a goal of bringing imaging technology directly to the racetrack, UC Davis veterinary researchers are helping the horse racing industry to better detect and understand injuries, and ultimately prevent future catastrophic breakdowns. The technology being utilized by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is positron emission tomography (PET), and its development continues to […]

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Life After Two Colic Surgeries: Eventing Horse Back In Training

Monty, a 6-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, was down and displaying signs of colic when owner Ashley Aguado received the late-night call that he was sick. She rushed to him and found her three-day eventing horse in a dire condition. “When I arrived, Monty’s face was cut up from all the rolling he was doing,” said Aguado. […]

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UC Davis Team Makes History With Image-Guided Sinus Tumor Removal

Honesto, a 6-year-old Lusitano-Arabian cross gelding, was found to have a massive sinus osteoma (a benign tumor created from new bone growth), discovered as a generalized swelling and enlargement of the bone and soft tissues below his right eye. Radiographs and a CT scan taken at the UC Davis veterinary hospital revealed the mass was […]

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Magnesium: Help For Equine Headshaking?

Researchers at the University of California, Davis report that headshaking is significantly diminished when horses are given an IV of magnesium sulfate. A study, led by Dr. Shara Sheldon, used six geldings that had not responded well to conventional treatment for headshaking, investigated magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) as a potential treatment. Headshaking related to the trigeminal […]

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Positron Emission Tomography Performed On Standing Horse For First Time

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine has achieved another milestone in clinical equine imaging with the first successful use of positron emission tomography (PET) on a standing horse. Equine PET, pioneered at UC Davis with the first horse imaged in April 2015, has until now required patients to be under general anesthesia. The ability […]

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Farrier Tim Shannon & Dr. Marvin Beeman To Headline 33rd Annual Heumphreus Lecture At UC Davis

The 33rd Annual Charles Heumphreus Memorial Lecture will take place February 16, 2019 at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM). This year’s event features farrier Tim Shannon and equine veterinarian Dr. G. Marvin Beeman. Farriers and equine veterinarians are invited to attend the event, which takes place from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. […]

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