Blink Twice If You’re Stressed: New Study Tracks Equine Eyelid Movement

Recent research published in the open-access journal Animals has found the number of times a horse blinks or twitches his eyelids may be indicative of his stress level. A study team out of the University of Guelph noted that eye blink rates have long been used as stress indictors in humans. They hypothesized that the same […]

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Sedation For Equine Dental Work Keeps Vets Safe

Often when a horse has dental work done, he is sedated before the procedure begins, whether hand floats or power tools are used. The use of sedation is important to keep the veterinarian and the horse safe. A thorough dental exam includes the looking at the entire oral cavity: the inner and outer surfaces of […]

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Lip Lock: The Real Effect of Lip Twitching

Twitching, a means to subdue horses without the use of drugs, is frequently used on horses to perform veterinary procedures, clean wounds and complete tasks that might be uncomfortable for the horse (like mane pulling). Using a twitch is an attempt to make the action safer for both the horse and the human involved by […]

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