Cancer Comparison: Horses, Dogs And Humans

Mucosal melanoma, a rare subtype of melanoma, has been detected in horses, dogs and humans; a new study has found key genes that will help create new cancer therapies. Researchers from the Wellcome Sanger Institute and colleagues from multiple other institutes studied 28 horse, 45 human and 65 dog melanomas, and were able to identify […]

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UC Davis Team Makes History With Image-Guided Sinus Tumor Removal

Honesto, a 6-year-old Lusitano-Arabian cross gelding, was found to have a massive sinus osteoma (a benign tumor created from new bone growth), discovered as a generalized swelling and enlargement of the bone and soft tissues below his right eye. Radiographs and a CT scan taken at the UC Davis veterinary hospital revealed the mass was […]

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Rare Tumor In Mare’s Mouth Leads To Lower Jaw Removal

A mare was brought to the Palm Beach Equine Clinic in Wellington, FL, with a rapidly growing mass in her mouth. Dr. Weston Davis used a computer tomography (CT) to obtain an image of the mass and exactly where it was located. He then biopsied the tumor, which revealed that it was an ameloblastic fibroma, […]

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Show Horse Defies Odds After Having 27-Pound Tumor Removed

A 27-pound tumor was removed from top-tier show horse, Caracas 89, in a surgery that was given less than a five percent chance of giving the 9-year-old gelding his life back. The Holsteiner, a force to be reckoned with in both the jumper and equitation rings, was showing sporadic episodes where he was not quite […]

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Advances In Treating Sarcoid Tumors In Horses

While the cardiovascular or neurological systems often get more attention when it comes to health-related topics in equines, it is the integumentary system, which includes the skin, hair, hooves and more that is actually the largest of all systems. In addition to common skin lacerations or irritations, tumors such as sarcoids can have an adverse […]

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Horses With Skin Tumors Sought By Iowa State For Study

Iowa State University’s Equine team is looking for horses with skin tumors that can help them research a new, innovative┬áimmunotherapy using an antibody called anti-CD47 for the reduction of equine skin tumors. The study will take place at the┬áIowa State University Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center in Ames, Iowa. The purpose of the study is to […]

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Rare Tumor Cause Of Aggressive Behavior in OTTB

Mintz, a Thoroughbred mare owned by physician Dr. Carl Gittens of Stuart, Florida, recently became very aggressive toward other horses, a marked change from her typically gentle self. Gittens knew that there must be an underlying cause to the polo pony’s behavior, which included mounting other mares, kicking at the walls and acting similarly to […]

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University of Kentucky Oncologist Performs Second Surgery On Horse With Cancer

A radiation oncologist from the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center has performed implant surgeries on two horses with cancerous tumors at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital. Dr. Jonathan Feddock was brought in six months ago on a case involving a Saddlebred horse with a tumor near its eye after multiple traditional treatment attempts had […]

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