Fixing Forging With Shoeing Techniques

The metallic ringing sound that can be heard when a shod horse strikes the underside of a front hoof with a hind toe at a walk or a trot is called forging. It occurs when the front foot is too slow in leaving the ground to stay out of the way of the hind foot. […]

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Triple Threat: Weight, Soreness And Previous Episodes Up Laminitis Risk

There are three factors that consistently put horses at risk for laminitis: Recent weight gain, soreness after routine farriery care and a previous history of laminitis. Dr. Danica Pollard conducted an online study of horse owners in Britain to determine the management factors that contributed to laminitis development. The study ran for 29 months; the […]

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A Clean Shave: Is It Cruel To Trim Horse’s Whiskers?

Clipping a show horse’s whiskers around their muzzle, eyes and ears has long been tradition to make a horse look tidy. Recently, however, clipping whiskers has become fraught with controversy: Is clipping a horse’s whiskers essentially depriving him of his natural ability to obtain sensory feedback? Germany outlawed the shaving of whiskers around the eyes […]

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