Be Diligent With Holiday Decor Around Horses

Thanksgiving is over and many homeowners are now decorating their property for the holidays—barns and outbuildings included. Care should be taken when decorating both inside and outside the barn; while some decorations are safe for horses, others could cause a problem if a nosy equine decides to sample some of them. Most spruce and pine […]

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Not All Blooms Are Beautiful: The Dangers Of Blue-Green Algae

Blue-green algae has long been common in lakes and ponds, but it’s getting a lot of attention recently for its potentially toxic impacts on dogs — but horses can be impacted, too. Though there are over 80 known kinds of blue-green algae that produce toxins, the algae are not normally toxic unless it “blooms,” meaning […]

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Stay Safe: Avoid These Toxic Plants That Can Harm Horses

Some plants that can be found in pastures can be poisonous to horses, so it’s important for horse owners and caretakers to know what they look like and to take measures to remove them from fields. The entire list is extensive and varies by region, but here are some of the most-common toxic plants that […]

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