Equine Sarcoids Triggered By Abnormal Tissue Changes During Wound Healing

Equine sarcoids, benign skin tumors that can be extremely frustrating to deal with, have plagued horse owners for years, but defied explanation. A recent Italian study into equine sarcoids suggests that the tumors begin with abnormal tissue changes during the time the wound is healing. Believed to be triggered by Bovine papillomavirus type-1 and/or bovine […]

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Keeping Racehorses In Top Condition Is A Team Effort

To keep a racehorse in peak condition, it truly takes a team of people. From the trainer and owner who are managing and paying for the horse, to the veterinarian, groom, rider, farrier, and others who get to know the horse on an intimate level, it takes a group effort to make sure every need […]

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