Five Management Strategies To Help A Horse Live Longer

The way a horse is managed throughout his life has a direct impact on how long he lives. With proper care that includes disease prevention, parasite control, routine dental care and others, a horse has a good chance of living well into his twenties or even longer, reports EQUUS. Poor mobility, founder, and the inability […]

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Aging Equines By Teeth May Not Be Accurate For Icelandic Horses

Horse owners and caretakers are familiar with using a horse’s teeth to judge generally how old the equine is, but one breed in particular, the Icelandic horse, is difficult to age by conventional dental guidelines. Drs. Jarosław Łuszczyński, Magdalena Pieszka, Weronika Petrych and Monika Stefaniuk-Szmukier noted that many times the age assessment based on teeth […]

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Some Ancient Equines Were Couch Potatoes

A study from the University of Cincinnati has shown that prehistoric horses in North America didn’t migrate for food or water like Mongolian wild horses and Plains zebras did. The research used geochemical analysis of fossil teeth to prove that the Florida landscape provided everything the horses could need in a small geographic area nearly 5 […]

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