‘That Extra Little Bit Of Info’: Technology In Racing Not Always Popular

Technology has progressed to the point that some individuals in the racing industry are able to utilize progressive tools to get that extra edge. Among those tools, reports, are fitness monitors, big data and genetic testing. A heavily traditional industry, Thoroughbred racing worldwide has not been universally accepting of these new ideas. Equinome offers genetic […]

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The Ups and Downs Of Technology In Equine Veterinary Medicine

Technology has changed the face of the veterinary world. Clients associate a vet utilizing the newest advances in technology as being cutting-edge and committed to the highest standard of equine care. As such, utilizing technology can be seen as a form of marketing for practitioners and their teams. However, not all technology is good for […]

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‘Changing The Game’: Woodbine Launches Competition To Innovate Technology In Racing

Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG), iBoost and Ryerson University’s Office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation today announced that they are partnering to launch a new initiative that will challenge Canadian start-ups, entrepreneurs, developers and students to use technology to help bring the traditional sport of Horse Racing to the next level. The program, called […]

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Smartphone App Saves Life of Gambian Foal From Thousands Of Miles Away

Veterinarians have learned that when it comes to diagnosing a sick foal from thousands of miles away, there’s an app for that. A foal named Smudge was in the care of the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust (GHDT), a group which works to improve the health and lives of Gambia’s working equids. Smudge had a massive infection and […]

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Human Technology Helps Diagnose Equine Diseases More Quickly

Time is of the essence for an equine disease diagnosis; early diagnosis can help protect herd health, as well as allow veterinarians more choices to save lives. For many diseases, owners and vets may have to wait multiple days for tests to be run to determine the specific bacteria that is causing the issues. These […]

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New System Provides Increased Data Connectivity On Derby Day

Last weekend’s Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs broke its own record. This year’s Derby on-site in Louisville boasted the highest wireless traffic at a single sporting event, with over five terabytes of data transferred within AT&T’s network alone. An article posted on Sport Techie discusses the system installed in 2013 that is providing higher mobile […]

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Technology allows for a more perfect ride

A new riding training system has been created to give riders an exact feel for the nuances of riding. Instructors can read the data and more accurately train their riders based on indicators unable to be seen with the natural eye.

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What’s this? Happy horseplayers? Why the racetracks must be giving money away. EIther that, or someone has paid attention to the needs of these long-suffering, often forgotten supporters of the game. In this case, it’s the latter, and the group paying attention to horseplayers was Equibase, the racing industry’s data base owned in tandem by […]

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