Scientific Proof Not Necessary For Owners Seeking Help With Excited Equines

Horse owners seeking ways to calm fractious horses don’t seem to mind if the products they use have been tested testing to prove they work, a new study shows. Research conducted by Drs. Diane Ross of the North Highland College and Jayne Roberts of Equijay, Brisbane, Australia, created a study that was distributed to horse […]

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Be Skeptical Of Equine Supplement Claims

There are literally tens of thousands of equine supplements on the market, but does each live up to its claim? Equine nutritionist Clair Thunes, PhD, recommends being open-minded, yet skeptical, when evaluating what a supplement can do for an equine, reports The Horse. Using a fictional supplement to look critically at what the product claims […]

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On E: Exercising On An Empty Stomach May Exacerbate Equine Ulcers

While exercising on an empty stomach may be more comfortable for humans, the same is not true for equines. Riding a horse before he gets fed could exacerbate his risk for gastric ulcers, reports The Horse. The equine stomach is designed to have some food in it at all times; when fed a diet primarily […]

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New Study Reinforces Notion That Thyroid Supplement May Endanger Fit Horses

Giving fit horses unnecessary thyroid supplements may cause cardiac arrhythmia, a new study shows. Some trainers give their racehorses Thyroxine to perk them up. The drug is more commonly used on horses that have insulin resistance or Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS)—neither of which is found in fit racehorses. Dr. Janice E. Kritchevsky, with the Purdue […]

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Magnesium: Help For Equine Headshaking?

Researchers at the University of California, Davis report that headshaking is significantly diminished when horses are given an IV of magnesium sulfate. A study, led by Dr. Shara Sheldon, used six geldings that had not responded well to conventional treatment for headshaking, investigated magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) as a potential treatment. Headshaking related to the trigeminal […]

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Cavalor North America Launches New Improved Line Of Cavalor Care Products

Cavalor is pleased to announce the new and improved lineup of their popular horse care products. This brand is highly regarded amongst high performance horse owners/riders and it continues its mission to provide top-quality, specialized products that are assured to produce the results promised. The Cavalor care line has undergone a complete transformation with chic […]

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Feeding Horses Supplements Is ‘Negligent’ Says FEI

Two international dressage riders whose horses tested positive for a banned substance in 2017 have received their sentencing from the FEI, the international governing body of horse sport. Kaitlin Blythe, who rides Don Principe, and Adrienne Lyle, who rides Horizon, were both feeding Soothing Pink to their mounts. The supplement is designed to ease gastric […]

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How To Add Weight To A Stubbornly Skinny Thoroughbred

Q: I’m unhappy with my 14-year-old Thoroughbred gelding’s weight. Shuster is 16.3 hands (170 cm) and ribby. In the year that I’ve owned him, he’s gained a lot of weight, but he’s still not close to where I need him to be, even though he’s consuming this daily: 8 lb (3.6 kg) grass hay, 3 […]

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Horse Owners Should Test Natural Water Sources For Iron

Iron plays important roles in the horse’s body, including oxygen transport and cellular respiration, which produces the energy expended by horses during exercise. Too little iron leaves horses dull and lethargic, whereas too much can build up in the body. “Excess dietary iron ultimately accumulates in the liver and certain types of blood cells. Abnormal accumulation of any mineral […]

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