Safely Feeding Horses In Herds: It Can Be Done

While spending as much time as possible turned out is beneficial for horses, feeding them in groups can sometimes lead to problems as the more-dominant horses get most of the grain or hay, even when resources are plentiful. In the wild, stallions eat first, then mares, and finally young horses; in domesticated situations, dominance is […]

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Body Language Key To Handling Horses

  While many times horse handlers are taught to be confident and assertive when working with horses, there are times when more-submissive body postures can be beneficial. To test what type of body language horses responded to the best, scientists from the University of Sussex used 45 riding-school horses and five pairs of demonstrators whom […]

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Horses Can Read Body Language Of Strangers, Study Shows

It’s long been understood that horses are very perceptive to human body language, which is why leadership training using equines has become all the rage in the last decade. New research out of the University of Sussex now proves that horses can tell the difference between dominant and submissive body postures, even when the humans […]

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