Cleft Palate Doesn’t Spell The End For Foals

Often when you hear the term “cleft palate,” you think of it in relation to a human, not a horse. But the congenital defect known as palatoschisis ranks as the most common craniofacial abnormality. Caused by incomplete fusion of tissues along the midline of the soft palate, it can inhibit swallowing, resulting in nasal discharge […]

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Australian Study Shows Long Distance Travel Puts Horses At Risk

An Australian study – the first of its kind on the topic – found that long distance travel can lead to respiratory and physical issues in horses and that these ailments can, in some cases, lead to death. Equine veterinarian Barbara Paladino at the University of Sydney worked in conjunction with a long distance equine […]

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Are Charleston Carriage Horses Safe?

Heavy machinery has been spooking carriage horses in downtown Charleston, S.C., incident reports show. The city of Charleston’s Tourism Department had had 18 carriage horse incidents reported since 2012. Three of the incidents involved carriages and heavy equipment; there is more equipment present as construction on the peninsula has increased in the last few years. […]

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