Managing Age-Related Bone Loss In Horses

As people age, bone density decreases and the risk of fractures from falls increases. However, one veterinarian notes little research has been done on if the same conditions affect older horses. Equine nutritional consultant Dr. Elanor Kellon recently studied the question on her blog, Dr. K’s Horse Sense. Kellon points to a 1979 study found […]

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British Study: Sexism Still A Problem In Veterinary Profession

A new study out of Britain has found that though the population of veterinary school students is increasingly female (over 75 percent), discrimination is still common: Female vets are more likely to remain assistants at veterinary clinics where they work, rather than partner or director. Researchers at the Lancaster University Management School and Open University Business […]

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Study: Mental Toughness Tied To Physical Prowess In Nordic Racehorses

A study conducted by Dr. Brandon Velie, of the University of Sydney and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, has shown that talented Nordic trotting horses have a genetic basis for mental toughness as well as trotting talent. Throughout the years, Nordic horses have been selected for strength, speed and endurance. The scientist and his […]

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Human Health Innovations Can Be Used To Keep Horses Sound

Tendon injuries in horses can be difficult to rehabilitate, and should include monitoring of pain, heavy and slow loading, and progressive resistance. Equine veterinarians are turning to human medicine to offer horses additional tendon-healing strategies, which Dr. Seth O’Neill, PhD, MSc, PGCE, HE, MCSP, MMACP, of the University of Leicester’s College of Life Sciences, discussed […]

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