Report: Retired Australian Racehorses Failed By Racing Industry

A 100-page document, authored by retired District Court Judge Terry Martin and veterinarian Dr. Peter Reid, blasts the Australian racing industry for its failure to effectively protect retired racehorses. The authors emphatically state that racehorses were treated as disposable commodities: Once they were not winning, many were discarded. Originally brought to the public’s attention last […]

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Just How Many Horses Leave The U.S. Bound For Slaughter?

The exact number of horses shipped across United States borders destined for slaughter is not known, but organizations on both sides of the issue tend to cite between 80,000 and 100,000 horses shipped out of the States each year, reports Horse Nation. Because of this discrepancy in numbers, Horse Nation began trying to find more-accurate […]

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Victoria Trainer Proposes Industry-Led End-Of-Life Options For Retired Racehorses

Peter Moody, a former top trainer in Victoria, took to Twitter to encourage the racing industry to consider opening its own facility to humanely euthanize retired racehorses that cannot be rehomed because or soundness or behavioral issues. His tweet came in response to Racing Victoria’s statement that 2 percent of all prize money would go […]

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Outrage Over Equine Abuse In Australia Prompts Call For National Horse Registry

The Australian Veterinary Association is requesting a national horse registry be established by the federal government as rapidly as possible. The group is also asking for better enforcement of animal welfare standards for horses that are sent to slaughterhouses. This outcry for regulation is in response to footage shown by ABC of racehorses being mistreated […]

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Investigation Underway After Arizona Mustangs, Other Animals Found Shot Dead

Seven wild horses have been shot and killed in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Heber, Ariz. The Heber horses are federally protected from slaughter or sale; they are the only Arizona herd to have a dedicated home on national forest land. Volunteers with Heber Wild Horses found the carcasses, as well as four dead coyotes […]

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Figures Show Number Of Horses Shipped To Mexico For Slaughter Up From 2017

As of Dec. 6, nearly 66,000 U.S. horses have been transported to Mexico for slaughter, according to the USDA Economics, Statistics and Marketing Information System. The exact number, 65,915 is an increase over the 62,832 horses sent to Mexico for slaughter as of the same date in 2017. The number of horses exported to Mexico […]

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Venezuela: Veterinary School’s Horse Butchered By Bandits

In an era of economic crisis for Venezuela, the Central University of Venezuela has an increasingly disconcerting problem: bandits are sneaking into the veterinary school’s pastures and slaughtering the animals, then making off with the meat. According to, a 4-year-old filly named Miss Congeniality was the latest to fall victim. “I burst into tears,” said veterinary […]

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Canadian Food Inspection Agency Named In Lawsuit Over Shipping Of Slaughter-Bound Horses

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is accused in a lawsuit for placing too many large horses into crates before shipping them to be used for food overseas. A “large” horse is one that is over 4.5 feet long; these horses are supposed to be shipped in their own containers to avoid injury to themselves […]

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An Alternative To Auction For The Horses Of New Holland

Equine auctions can be tough places. There is no guarantee that a horse will end up in a quality home or that their transport to their next stop will be safe. Many horses are sent to auction because of life changes that happen rapidly, like health issues, divorce or a death in the family. While […]

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