Packing On The Pounds: The Skinny On Skinny Horses

Getting skinny horses to gain weight can be tough, but the only way to pack on the pounds is to maximize energy consumption. This is traditionally done through adding additional quality forage, adding grain or adding in a high-calorie supplement. Many horses can gain weight by being turned out on high-quality pasture for grazing for […]

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How To Add Weight To A Stubbornly Skinny Thoroughbred

Q: I’m unhappy with my 14-year-old Thoroughbred gelding’s weight. Shuster is 16.3 hands (170 cm) and ribby. In the year that I’ve owned him, he’s gained a lot of weight, but he’s still not close to where I need him to be, even though he’s consuming this daily: 8 lb (3.6 kg) grass hay, 3 […]

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Q and A: How To Feed An Underweight Horse

In a recent question and answer column on, a reader asked veterinarian Dr. Clair Thunes, PhD about the best ways to put weight on an off-track Thoroughbred she recently adopted. The horse, says the reader, is selective in what it wants to eat and is generally disinterested in hay and pellets. Thunes, who is […]

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The Skinny On Jumping To Conclusions On Social Media Posts

Social media is nothing if not polarizing, for everything from politics to horse shows to how to handle a family issue. A horse that lives in Pittston, Maine was at the center of an online controversy last week, with many Facebook users saying that the animal is too skinny and indicating they were concerned for […]

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