What Is Equine Coronavirus?

Originally found in foals, equine coronavirus has begun affecting adult horses, resulting in more than 12 outbreaks across the world in the last five years. Originally diagnosed in 2009 in adult horses at a remote racetrack in Hokkaido, Japan, affected horses presented with fevers and some had diarrhea. Stateside in 2011, the University of California-Davis […]

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How To Keep Horses Safe During Temperature Swings

In their natural state, horses are quite adaptable to large temperature swings. However, when humans alter their environment or move them from one climate to another, they could have difficulty handling diverse weather. When horses are allowed to adjust gradually to temperature changes, they rarely have issues, reports The Horse. It’s the rapid swings in […]

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The Heat Is On And Hard For Some Racehorses

Exertional heat illness (EHI) in competition horses is becoming more prevalent as temperatures rise across the globe. Affected horses may kick out randomly, shake their head, paw or be reluctance to move. Horses affected with EHI may take longer to recover after exercise, breathe rapidly, sweat profusely and hav a rapid heartrate for longer than […]

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Ticked Off: Asian Longhorned Tick Confirmed In Kentucky

The University of Kentucky has reported that the Asian longhorned tick has appeared in the state. An invasive tick from Australia and East Asia, the arachnids have been reported in 10 states and their population is steadily moving northwest. Their rapid rise in numbers is because Asian longhorned tick can reproduce without mating; the female […]

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Equine Influenza: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Horse

Just like with humans, when a horse gets the flu, they just plain don’t feel well. They are lethargic, they’re uninterested in food, they have runny nasal discharge, their lymph nodes may be enlarged and they are running a fever. Equine influenza (EI) is a highly contagious viral disease that can put a horse on […]

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