USDA Releases Hay Numbers Showing Overall Inventory Was Up In 2019

Each year, the USDA’s Crop Production and Crop Production Annual Summary offers a glimpse into the state of the forage industry and a gauge on how the hay market will handle production pressures in 2020. With all the weather issues in 2019, it would be expected that the amount of hay produced would be dramatically […]

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Avoid Hay Shortage Headaches With Alternative Options

The volatility of the weather in recent years have made hay shortages increasingly common in the United States, much to the frustration of horse and barn owners. With a decrease in supplies, an increase in price and potentially lower-quality hay available, horse owners are seeking alternatives. In a perfect world, horse owners would be able […]

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Hay Prices Skyrocket Because Of Forage Shortage

The weather has been rough for farmers and livestock owners this past year, with blizzards, flooding and fires. With the skyrocketing price for hay, there’s no end in sight to the stresses they are under. The price of hay has tripled for livestock owners in Missouri and throughout the Midwest; hay that was once $40 […]

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FDA: Horses Will No Longer Bear The Brunt Of Opioid Shortage

The United States Food and Drug Administration (USDA) is working with Pfizer Inc. to mitigate the shortage of injectable opioids used to control pain in animals. The organization is working to allow a limited amount of opioids labeled for human use to be available to veterinarians. Veterinarians use opioids made for humans in horses, which […]

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