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In The Wake Of #MeToo, What Should Racing Industry Employers Be Thinking About?

As the #MeToo movement continues to ripple across the country, more women are publicly telling their stories of sexual assault and harassment. The movement has focused on incidents in the workplace, which leaves executives and human resource managers rethinking policy to protect their employees from mistreatment – and themselves from liability. In March 2017, U.S. […]

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Hollywood Initiative Reaching Out To Agricultural Workers Experiencing Sexual Assault, Harassment

Months after the #metoo movement began to shine a light on sexual assault and harassment, over 300 prominent actresses, writers, directors, and other entertainment executives have announced a new campaign designed to help blue-collar women — including those working in agriculture. According to a report by NPR, a new campaign called Time’s Up will work […]

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Sexual Harassment In Racing And Why The Industry Is Not Ready For ‘Silence Breakers’

In the broader news world, every morning seems to bring a new name of a high-profile man accused of sexual harassment or assault, followed by (sometimes) swift removal of Hollywood stars, producers, political figures, writers, and news anchors from their jobs. As Time magazine put it in its Person of the Year article on ‘Silence […]

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Kelleway: More Reports Of Alleged Sexual Harassment In Racing Industry

After her allegations of sexual harassment were released in a newspaper interview earlier this month, former-jockey-turned-trainer Gay Kelleway told that another 12 individuals have reached out to her with similar experiences. While Kelleway has chosen to speak out against the abuse, she said it is understandable that others may want to stay silent. “Some (people […]

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