Scientists Working On Equine Blood Test To Detect Cancer

Soon sarcoid diagnosis may be made using a blood test instead of a biopsy, reports The Horse. Though the most commonly identified sarcoids are those that are nodular, sarcoids can also appear as warts or rough patches of skin, making their diagnosis more complicated. A veterinarian can perform diagnostic tests to determine if the area […]

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Sarcoids: Treatment Should Be Early And Aggressive

The most common skin tumors in horses, sarcoids are thought to affect about 2 percent of horses across the globe. Though the tumors don’t spread, they can still be uncomfortable for the affected horse, potentially affecting eyelid function and leading to ulceration of they eyeball. Believed to be caused by a bovine papillomavirus transmitted by […]

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The Skinny On Equine Sarcoids

A type of skin cancer, sarcoids can become more than just a nuisance if left untreated–they can be deadly. Though they don’t typically spread to internal organs from local tissues, a horse that has had a sarcoid is more prone to growing additional tumors. There are a variety of types of sarcoids and treatments available, […]

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Former Borell Mare Entering Treatment For Sarcoids At Park Equine

A Thoroughbred mare the Kentucky Equine Humane Center received via Thoroughbred Charities of America in 2016 as one of the herd seized from Charles Borell and his daughter, former trainer Maria Borell, will enter Park Equine Hospital in Versailles, Ky. for treatment Nov. 28. The7-year-old numbered #554 by the Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture, subsequently named […]

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Advances In Treating Sarcoid Tumors In Horses

While the cardiovascular or neurological systems often get more attention when it comes to health-related topics in equines, it is the integumentary system, which includes the skin, hair, hooves and more that is actually the largest of all systems. In addition to common skin lacerations or irritations, tumors such as sarcoids can have an adverse […]

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Is Turmeric Really An Equine Cure All?

Turmeric has been used for hundreds of years in both Chinese and Indian medicine as an anti-inflammatory; of late, it has been included in several anti-inflammatory supplements for horses, as well. The key ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, which has also beenĀ used in horses to manage sarcoids. There is ample research in human medicine on […]

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Study: Genes Could Be To Blame For Some Horses’ Susceptibility To Sarcoids

Sarcoid skin tumors are the most common form of cancer in horses, but little is known about why the papillomavirus behind them strikes some horses and not others. A new study by an international research group led by scientists at the Baker Institute for Animal Health at Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine shows that genetic […]

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Equine Sarcoids Triggered By Abnormal Tissue Changes During Wound Healing

Equine sarcoids, benign skin tumors that can be extremely frustrating to deal with, have plagued horse owners for years, but defied explanation. A recent Italian study into equine sarcoids suggests that the tumors begin with abnormal tissue changes during the time the wound is healing. Believed to be triggered by Bovine papillomavirus type-1 and/or bovine […]

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