Spit It Out: Cortisol In Saliva Not Only Indicator Of Stress In Horses

Cortisol levels in saliva have long been used as an indicator of stress in horses, but a new study has identified other markers that may be more accurate to determine the stress a horse experiences. Dr. María Contreras-Aguilar, Séverine Henry, Caroline Coste, Fernando Tecles, Damián Escribano, Jose Cerón and Martine Hausberger found that the level […]

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Grant Awarded To Study Effects Of Equine-Assisted Therapy On Horses & In Vets Diagnosed With PTSD

Horses and Humans Research Foundation has awarded a $50,000 grant to Principal Investigator, Dr. Laurie McDuffee and her team from Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island. The purpose of this project, psychophysiological effects of equine-assisted therapy on horses and in veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), is to explore the efficacy of […]

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Spit It Out: Could Saliva Tests Replace Traditional Blood Draws?

Blood tests have been used for decades to help veterinarians determine if and why a horse is in ill health, but a new study has shown that similar tests may be able to be performed on saliva. Saliva is 99 percent water, but it contains compounds like cholesterol, lactate, fatty acids and glucose, as well […]

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The Spit Test: New Saliva Test For Tapeworm The Real Deal

EquiSal® Tapeworm saliva is a targeted treatment strategy used to control tapeworm infections and reduce the use of anti-tapeworm anthelmintics. The study, completed at Bransby Horses, a horse welfare charity in the UK, was recently published in Equine Veterinary Journal. The study  used 237 horses where EquiSal® Tapeworm testing was used to inform on anthelmintic administration over the […]

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