Is Hosing Really A Good Way to Clean Wounds?

A garden hose is the first line of defense for many horse owners and caretakers to rinse debris out of wounds a horse sustains. While there are some good things a stream of water on a wound can accomplish, like rinsing off surface debris, hosing out a wound can also have some downfalls, like removing […]

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Don’t Wait: Any Equine Eye Injury Is An Emergency

Horse owners should not take equine eye injuries lightly, even if they seem minor in nature. A common equine eye injury is a corneal abrasion, or scratch, which can be very painful for the horse. Signs that a horse may be suffering from a corneal abrasion: Squinting or holding eye closed Swelling and redness of […]

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Equine Stem Cell Therapy Being Studied For Effect On Fetlock Cartilage

Xintela, a Swedish biomedical company active in cancer and regenerative medicine research, recently launched an American study to discover how its stem cell therapy regimen affects cartilage in damaged equine joints. The study involves eight horses and is being conducted in collaboration with Cornell University. Derived from fat tissue in horses, the stem cells were […]

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