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Causes Of Girthiness Not One Size Fits All, Study Finds

Some horses get get a reputation for stressing out when their girth is tightened, swishing their tail, pinning their ears, kicking out or even trying to bite the person tightening the girth. There is no single cause of girthiness in horses. Back pain, saddle fit, ulcers and other causes may all play a role in […]

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The Tail Tale: An External Indicator Of Equine Health

A horse’s tail can be a great indicator of a his overall health: it should hang straight down and shift from side to side as he moves. A horse that holds his tail to one side could be indicating a loss of motion in the sacrum joint or in the tissues surrounding it. A chiropractor […]

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Shake It Off: Study Points To Musculoskeletal Pain As A Top Cause Of Headshaking

Headshaking in horses can be a frustrating diagnosis for owners; many times it isn’t clear if the headshaking is related to allergies, sunlight, pain or something else entirely. A recent study from Britain focuses on the importance of ensuring musculoskeletal pain resolution for potential treatment of headshaking. Researchers from the Animal Health Trust, Drs. Katy […]

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Chestnut Horses More Sensitive To Saddle Fit

Similar to humans with red hair, red-headed horses have very sensitive skin. The largest organ of the body, skin is designed for defense. It’s also the first to show signs of pressure and can be used to assess pain in horses — specifically, pain from poor saddle fit. The area on a horse’s back where […]

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Do Horses Try To Tell Us When They’re Lame?

A recent study assessed how accurately veterinarians can identify pain in ridden horses. Led by Dr. Sue Dyson, the Head of Clinical Orthopaedics at the Centre for Equine Studies at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, the vets used a set of 24 behaviors (called an ethogram) to asses pain responses in horses while they […]

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Poor Saddle Fit Can End An Equine’s Competitive Career

Cartilage damage of the shoulder from poor saddle fit in horses can be more than just painful—it can be career ending. Saddle fit that inhibits the range of motion in the shoulder will typically manifest as lameness as the horse limps from continuous shoulder pressure. In an Australian study, dissections were done on horses that […]

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