Study: Horse Owners More Confident In Colic Recognition Than They Should Be

A 2014 survey of 1,331 horse owners revealed crucial gaps in horse owner’s knowledge of colic and how to respond to an episode of it. This lack of knowledge was the driver behind the creation of the REACT To Beat Colic campaign in Britain, which was developed by the University of Nottingham and the British […]

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Equine Advice For Dealing With Hot Summer Temperatures

Though most horses adjust readily to hot summers days with high humidity, it’s important to keep an eye on how each horse is handling the warmer temps and to make adjustments as necessary. Keeping tabs on vital signs, weather forecasts and horse behavior can help avert potential heat-related complications, reports The Horse. During hot weather, […]

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Breathe Easy: Purdue Develops Test For Equine Respiratory Issues

Respiratory issues are the most common equine illness after lameness. A new test developed by researchers from Perdue University can help identify what is causing the breathing complication, which can lead to athletic performance decline. Laurent Couëtil, director of Purdue’s Equine Research Programs and Equine Sports Medicine Center, developed the test with engineers on Purdue’s campus. […]

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Wearable Device Allows Horses To ‘Tell’ Owners How They Feel

Most horse owners and trainers have wished at some point that their horse could tell them when something was wrong or if they didn’t feel well. Now, they can—just not in so many words. Similar to human fitness-tracking wristbands, SeeHorse is a wearable device that can keep track of a horse’s temperature, pulse and respiratory […]

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