A Scientific Crystal Ball: The Future Of Dewormer Resistance

Drs. Martin Nielsen, Christian Sauermann and Dave Leathwick have used computer modeling to simulate small strongyle resistance to ivermectin over the next 40 years. Small strongyles are very common and infect almost every horse that grazes on pasture. The worms can trigger a disease called larval cyathostominosis, which occurs when encysted small strongyle larva emerge […]

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Dental Pain Often Overlooked As Potential Culprit In Horses With Behavioral Issues

Some behavioral issues in horses may be related to tooth pain, which is not readily recognized by owners, researchers say. Dr. Jaana Pehkonen, of the University of Helsinki, along with Drs. Leena Karmab and Marja Raekallioc, interviewed 47 horse owners whose equines had had a tooth removed because of a bacterial infection in the tip […]

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Sable Island’s Feral Horses Perishing From Starvation And Worms

Horses have been found on Sable Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia, since the 18th century. Though hardy, the feral horses are dying; a team of researchers has been investigating the cause of the recent deaths. Dr. Emily Jenkins, one of the researchers, has discovered that the horses are perishing from starvation as well […]

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Resistance To Common Dewormer May Endanger Foals

Large roundworms, a common parasite in foals, are becoming resistant to pyrantel, a type of dewormer, a Swedish study shows. Pyrantel is used to treat roundworm infestations, which can negatively effect and even kill young horses.┬áMature worms live in the small intestine; a heavy worm load can cause foals not to thrive and may cause […]

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Human Health Innovations Can Be Used To Keep Horses Sound

Tendon injuries in horses can be difficult to rehabilitate, and should include monitoring of pain, heavy and slow loading, and progressive resistance. Equine veterinarians are turning to human medicine to offer horses additional tendon-healing strategies, which Dr. Seth O’Neill, PhD, MSc, PGCE, HE, MCSP, MMACP, of the University of Leicester’s College of Life Sciences, discussed […]

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