There’s Nothing Sweet About Sweet Itch

Sweet itch is a chronic skin condition also called by the names Culicoides hypersensitivity, summer dermatitis or seasonal equine dermatitis. Triggered by the saliva of biting midges or gnats, also called “no-see-ums,” only some horses have a heightened response to the bite, reports The Horse. Culicoides typically live near water and feed in the evenings; […]

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Ticked Off? Donkeys May Help

Donkeys may help keep people and animals safe in more ways than just with their guardian capabilities: Their sebum may help repel a deadly type of tick. A tick found in South America, Amblyomma sculptum, is an important vector for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, also called Brazilian Spotted Fever.  The most lethal tick-born pathogen that […]

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Controlling Nuisance Birds In The Barn

While birds are a welcome sight in many locales, they can sometimes wreak havoc in barns and indoor arenas, pilfering insulation for nesting materials and stealing grain from feed pans. In some cases, the birds become fiercely protective of their new “home,” attacking people and animals that try to enter “their” space. Controlling birds can […]

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