Shake It Off: Vibrating Therapy Relaxes Horses, Study Shows

While many equine riders and owners feel that whole-body vibration therapy (WBV) can improve a horse’s athletic performance, minimal research has been done to determine its benefits, reports The Horse. Seneca Sugg, a graduate student at Middle Tennessee State University, created a study using 12 healthy and sound horses to determine if WBV affected a […]

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Chew On This: Equine Licking Motion Not Necessarily A Sign Of Submission

Many horse owners and handlers have been taught that a horse making licking and chewing motions is showing submission to his handler or to an alpha horse. However, a new study suggests that a horse that makes these motions while not eating is actually showing signs of stress. Scientists Margrete Lie and Professor Ruth Newberry, […]

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Vibration Plates: Shaking Up Traditional Equine Treatment Plans

The equine industry is routinely looking outside the traditional medicine toolbox in an effort to keep their four-legged athletes happy and sound. Though there is some anecdotal evidence that suggests that some of these complementary modalities may work, there is little scientific evidence to prove that they benefit horses. Vibrating platforms have become popular in […]

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Aromatherapy For Equines: Nothing To Sniff At

The University of Arizona has recently completed research that shows that lavender can help manage equine stress. Horses can experience stress from many different situations, including training, trailering, and farrier and veterinary visits as well as from bathing, clipping and being tacked up, among other situations. Recently published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, […]

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