African Horse Sickness Kills 42 Racehorses In Thailand

Spread by biting midges, African Horse Sickness is endemic in sub-Saharan Africa. Horses are the most susceptible to the disease, with nearly 90 percent of infected horses dying; 50 percent of infected mules typically die and 10 percent of donkeys pass from the disease. Donkeys and mules rarely show signs of the disease. In horses, […]

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British Horse Welfare Board Develops Plan For Lifetime Tracking Of OTTBs

Britain’s Horse Welfare Board has created a strategic plan to track British racehorses for their entire lives. The report, entitled A Life Well Lived, envisions rolling out this change and others over the next five years; the board notes that this is just one step in the process of ensuring racehorses in Britain are safe. […]

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Secretariat 50th Birthday Celebration On March 28 At The Meadow Event Park

On March 30, 1970, a legend was born.  A fiery red colt named Secretariat took his first breath in a foaling shed at Christopher Chenery’s Meadow Stable in Caroline County, VA. In 1973, he left the world breathless with his spectacular and incomparable Triple Crown. Those three track records remain unbroken, and his bloodlines still […]

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Canadian Researchers Embark On Study Of Air Pollution And EIPH

Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH) is estimated to affect between 44 and 85 percent of Thoroughbreds and 87 percent of Standardbreds worldwide. Racehorse owners and trainers are concerned that EIPH can shorten a racehorse’s career or even cause sudden death. Dr. Janet Beeler-Marfisim of the Ontario Veterinary College’s Department of Pathobiology, is part of a team […]

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Korea Racing Authority Puts Thoroughbred Aftercare In The Spotlight

The International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses (IFAR) was pleased to be invited by the Korea Racing Authority (KRA) to present a series of seminars to a broad cross section of industry stakeholders this week. Dr. Eliot Forbes, a member of IFAR’s steering group, was hosted by the KRA and led intensive workshops in […]

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Woodbine’s Jim Lawson Pledges Support For LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society

As a long time racehorse owner and CEO of Woodbine Entertainment, Jim Lawson knows how important it is to provide Ontario’s Thoroughbreds with a dignified retirement after their careers at the track are over. Lawson is a proud supporter of LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society, a charitable organization that evaluates and cares for retired racehorses and […]

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Outrage Over Equine Abuse In Australia Prompts Call For National Horse Registry

The Australian Veterinary Association is requesting a national horse registry be established by the federal government as rapidly as possible. The group is also asking for better enforcement of animal welfare standards for horses that are sent to slaughterhouses. This outcry for regulation is in response to footage shown by ABC of racehorses being mistreated […]

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Penn Vet Biomarker Research On Shockwave Yielding Results

The Penn Vet Equine Pharmacological Laboratory at the New Bolton Center has completed a multi-year project that developed biomarkers in horses that undergo shockwave therapy. Dr. Mary Robinson provided an update to the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission (PHRC); the Penn Vet laboratory  also provides the drug testing for the PHRC and completes research for the […]

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Ongoing Drought Causes Australia To Prep For Another Year Of High Feed Prices

Australian livestock feed producers warn of rising costs for feed production as the drought gripping many parts of the country shows minimal signs of abating. Longtime producer Brett Caddy of Southern Cross Feeds says that the impact of the drought on feed production is “frightening” and it’s the worst he’s ever seen. Though Caddy is […]

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