Terrestrial Parasite Tracker To Help Human, Animal Health

Terrestrial Parasite Tracker is a new initiative created to collect information on parasites in the United States. As vectors of diseases, parasites play an important role in the health of humans, livestock and wildlife. Researchers have tried to gather information from specimens in natural history museums, but often the specimens are not readily accessible. To […]

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Paralyzed Ponies: First Cases of Tick Paralysis Diagnosed In North America

Two cases of equine paralysis caused by ticks have been reported by the Purdue University Teaching Hospital in Indiana. It is believed to be the first cases of tick paralysis in North America. Referred to the hospital in May 2018, one American miniature horse was down and could not rise; the other was weak, but […]

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Breathe Easy: Purdue Develops Test For Equine Respiratory Issues

Respiratory issues are the most common equine illness after lameness. A new test developed by researchers from Perdue University can help identify what is causing the breathing complication, which can lead to athletic performance decline. Laurent Couëtil, director of Purdue’s Equine Research Programs and Equine Sports Medicine Center, developed the test with engineers on Purdue’s campus. […]

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Study Shows Thyroxine Harmful To Racing Performance, Equine Health

A study completed by Dr. Janice E. Kritchevsky at Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine shows that the use of thyroxine as a supplement in racehorses can be detrimental to performance and cause cardiac arrhythmias. Kritchevsky noted that thyroid issues in horses are rare; bloodwork that shows thyroid hormone concentrations above the norm don’t necessarily […]

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