Evolution Of Equine’s Single Toe Not For Speed, But Endurance

Though horses are known for their speed, it’s thought that the horse’s leg has adapted from three toes to one toe over time to be used more for endurance rather than speed. It was thought that as only single-toed horses survive today that the evolution was to allow horses the speed needed to outrun predators. […]

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Some Ancient Equines Were Couch Potatoes

A study from the University of Cincinnati has shown that prehistoric horses in North America didn’t migrate for food or water like Mongolian wild horses and Plains zebras did.┬áThe research used geochemical analysis of fossil teeth to prove that the Florida landscape provided everything the horses could need in a small geographic area nearly 5 […]

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30,000-Year-Old Horse Bone Found In British Columbia

A 30,000-year-old bone found around a gravel pit in British Columbia has been confirmed as being from an extinct species of horse. Shawn Bigfoot, a Prophet River First Nation member, said he was at first unsure of what his discovery actually was. His mother took it to the Treaty 8 Tribal Association to see if […]

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