Age-Old Question: How Old Is Too Old To Breed A Mare?

Generally, mares are past their reproductive prime when they reach 15 to 16 years old. There are mares that can carry and deliver healthy foals into their 20s, but the majority of them have had multiple successful pregnancies before. To see if a mare can be bred, a veterinarian should perform a breeding soundness exam […]

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Chill Out: Stressed Mares Produce Anxious Offspring

While great importance is normally placed on the selection of a stallion, what a mare imparts on her offspring should not be underestimated, reports Janne Winther Christensen, an associate professor in Animal Science at Aarhus University and president of the International Society for Equitation Science. Multiple research projects have shown that mares have greater influence […]

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Length Of Mare’s Pregnancy Affected Maternal Lineage

A study of Warmblood horses conducted in Europe showed that maiden and aged mares were more likely to have female foals than male. Researchers also found that the maternal lineage also influenced the length of gestation. “To the best of our knowledge, this has neither been proven for the horse nor for other mammalian species […]

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Zenyatta pregnancy doing well

An ultrasound taken Wednesday shows that Zenyatta is holding her first pregnancy. “I feel great about it,” owner Jerry Moss said. “We’re really pleased with everything.”

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