Put Your Back In To It: Equine Topline Reveals Welfare Status

New research shows that a horse’s back can reveal insight into their mental state. The posture of companion animals like dogs and cats has long been understood to be indicative of things such as anxiety and fear; Dr. Emilie Sénèque, Clémence Lesimple and Martine Hausberger set out to determine if ongoing stressful situations, which lead to […]

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If You’re Happy And You Know It, Blow Your Nose?

Once believed to solely clear the nostrils of debris, horse snorting has been found to be done for more than only hygienic reasons. A new study from the Université de Rennes in France has found that horse snorting is linked to a feeling of well-being and relaxation in horses. Reported in PLoS One, researchers used 48 […]

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Body Language Key To Handling Horses

  While many times horse handlers are taught to be confident and assertive when working with horses, there are times when more-submissive body postures can be beneficial. To test what type of body language horses responded to the best, scientists from the University of Sussex used 45 riding-school horses and five pairs of demonstrators whom […]

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