Equine Atypical Myopathy Caused By Sycamore Maple Seedlings, Researchers Say

The seeds and seedlings from sycamore maples (called simply “sycamores” in Europe) have been determined to be the cause of equine atypical myopathy in horses in Europe, according to a recent study. Also called “sycamore poisoning,” the winged fruits (commonly called “helicopters”) contain hypoglycin A (HGA), which is poisonous to equines. Although the poisonous nature […]

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California Feed Mill Ordered To Pay $2.4M After 49 Horses Suffer Monensin Poisoning

A large animal feed mill has been ordered by a Fresno Superior Court to pay $2.4 million to plaintiffs after 49 horses became ill after consuming tainted feed in September 2015. According to a lawsuit, Clovis, Ca.-based Western Milling manufactured and sold Western Blend Horse Feed. After consuming the feed, 49 horses became severely ill […]

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California Horse Dead After Eating Poisoned Cookies

A Sonoma County, Calif., horse and dog were killed, and one horse fell ill, after the animals ingested cookies laced with poison that was apparently deliberately left for them earlier this month, report officials. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office are involved in criminal investigation and have one “person of interest,” said Sgt. Cecile Focha, spokeswoman […]

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What Happened Here? Causes of Feed Contamination

Cases of equine feed contamination have made national headlines in the last few months, many of them with deadly consequences. Beginning in Florida, where 22 horses were poisoned by monensin-contaminated feed from Lakeland Animal Nutrition, and most recently in South Carolina, where three horses were supposedly poisoned by ADM Alliance Nutrition, feed and concerns for […]

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