Ask Your Veterinarian Presented By Equistro: Venograms Tell The Real Story Behind Laminitis

QUESTION: What are venograms and how can they be used in equine diagnostics? DR. RAUL BRAS: One of the most significant developments not only in the evaluation and treatment of laminitis, but also our understanding of the mechanics of the foot in general, has been the venogram. The venogram is a simple but technique-sensitive procedure […]

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Ask Your Veterinarian Presented By Equistro: Are White Hooves Really Weaker Than Dark?

QUESTION: There’s an old adage that white hooves are weaker than dark hoof material. Is there any truth to this?  DR. SCOTT FLEMING: The topic of hoof color and its corresponding hoof quality has been a common conversation topic amongst my clientele for 20 years of shoeing horses. Prior to being a farrier, I had […]

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Survey Results Establish Equine Research Priorities

Colic (gastrointestinal diseases) is considered by both equine veterinarians and horse owners as the most important equine health care problem in need of more answers, according to the results of research surveys conducted in partnership by the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Foundation and the American Horse Council (AHC) Foundation. In 2018, AAEP and […]

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Buyer Beware: Recognizing Problem Hooves And Cosmetic Alterations At Auction

Whether a prospective buyer is looking at a horse on the sale grounds or at a private farm, one of the key inspection points should be the horse’s feet. “I prefer a well-balanced and fairly large foot over a small foot. It just makes physical sense that that foot will be able to disperse more […]

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Redden Travels To Maryland To Save Beloved Pet

Maryland horse owner Pam Wahl is exhausting all options to save her beloved 17-year-old horse, Bailey. Bailey was diagnosed with laminitis in 2007 and has been working with local veterinarians to help her remain comfortable. After running into what seemed like a dead-end with her local veterinarians, Dr. Ric Redden, an expert in the field […]

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Laminitis Expert Dr. Ric Redden: “If You’re Calling Me, You’ve Got a Major Problem”

Dr. Ric Redden is a farrier and veterinarian known the world over as the “go-to” person when the world’s most elite horses have hoof problems. He and his wife, Nancy, established the International Equine Podiatry Center in Versailles, KY in the 1980s. He has spent his career treating race and show horses, as well as […]

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