The Benefits Of Genetic Testing for Horses in Training

Without a doubt, the successful training of Thoroughbred racehorses is a complicated process, which includes the formidable task of selecting a suitable race for each horse. While the conventional methods of doing so  are well understood augmenting them with the support of genetic testing can ensure that each horse is given the best opportunity to […]

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Speed Gene Test Goes Beyond Track Performance; Could Offer Clues On Yearling Returns

Pedigree is at the core of the Thoroughbred horse industry. For centuries, breeders and trainers have looked to the achievements and traits of previous generations with a view to making successful breeding or racing decisions. One only has to look at the sales prices achieved by yearlings with a bloodline perceived as attractive to understand […]

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Study: Is The ‘Motivation Gene’ Linked To Racetrack Success?

A new study shows that genes associated with behavior may play a large role in a Thoroughbred’s success at the track—possibly as large a role as his physical attributes. Previous studies have shown that less than half of foals aimed at being racehorses actually race; the ability of the horse to withstand the rigors of […]

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Study Shows How Testing For ‘Speed Gene’ Can Maximize A Racehorse’s Earning Potential 

A new study has shown how the Speed Gene can be used by horse owners and trainers to maximize the earnings potential of their racehorses. The study, the first of its kind, which was reported this week in the Veterinary Ireland Journal, matched the Speed Gene Test results of over 1,700 thoroughbred racehorses in the […]

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Hagyard Equine Medical Institute To Partner with Plusvital For Genetic Testing

Irish equine science company Plusvital is delighted to announce a partnership with Hagyard Equine Medical Institute to offer a range of genetic tests for Thoroughbred horses. Powered by Equinome’s cutting edge genomic tools, the genetic tests analyse the DNA of a horse to predict optimum race distance, optimum race surface and performance potential. Speaking at […]

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Plusvital Launches Four New Thoroughbred Genetic Tests

Plusvital, an Irish equine science company, announced Monday the launch of an expanded suite of genetic tests. Included are four entirely new tests: Dirt v Turf v1.0; Distance Plus v1.0; ElitePerformance v3.0 and Raced/Unraced v1.0. According to, Dirf v Turf v1.0 is a test for genetic affinity for a particular surface, Distance Plus v1.0 […]

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