Painful Parody: Plethora Of Other Issues Can Mimic Colic Symptoms

The signs of colic are well-known to many horse owners: abdominal discomfort shown by pawing, kicking at the belly, repeatedly rolling, sweating and increased heart and respiration rate. While these symptoms are all rightfully red flags, they are not only signs of abdominal distress; they may also be signs of pain in almost any other […]

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‘Shipping Fever’ Claims Grade 1 Winner Morning Line

Grade 1 winner Morning Line was euthanized on Jan. 28 due to an escalating case of┬ápleuropneumonia, BloodHorse reports. He was 12. Pleuropneumonia, better known as “shipping fever,” is an infection of the lungs and the pleural cavity (the space between the lungs and chest wall), which can be brought about from the stress of travel. […]

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Thorough Exams Key To Laminitis Care

Laminitis is a painful hoof condition where the laminae inside the hoof capsule becomes inflamed or injured. The laminae are soft tissue structures that hold the coffin bone in place with in the hoof capsule. While many equine laminitis cases are obvious, with hooves that are hot to touch, a rapid digital pulse and the […]

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