Phosphorus Runoff A Concern In Equine Manure Management

Proper manure management is of critical concern to keep the environment surrounding horse farms healthy; runoff is a dire concern as it can contaminate waterways for miles. Phosphorous contamination of waterways has become a concern as horses excrete excess phosphorous through their manure; manure in pastures and paddocks are hot spots for manure runoff, reports […]

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Novel Treatment For Big Head Disease In Horses

Tiludronate, a bisphosphonate medication licensed for “the control of clinical signs associated with navicular syndrome,” appears to have a new use: treatment of big head disease in horses. “Otherwise known as nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism or NSH, big head disease results in abnormal skeletal development caused by excessive resorption, or breakdown, of bone,” explained Kathleen Crandell, Ph.D., a […]

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