Biting The Hand That Feeds You: Food Aggression In Horses

Feeding a horse that is food-aggressive can be scary: The horse quickly comes at the person with the food (or at another horse) with teeth bared, with what seems like no qualms about biting the hand the feeds him. Food aggression can be grouped into three broad categories: true aggression, learned food aggression and extreme […]

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Stall Vices Linked To Digestive Discomfort In Horses

Horses evolved wandering miles each day and grazing in herds. Now, many horses lead a very different life, spending most of their time in stalls, eating two large meals a day, and having little contact with other horses. This shift from migratory foraging to stationary meal-eating can cause disturbances in health and behavior. For example, long-term […]

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Hold It! Prevent Stall Mats From Shifting

Stalls that have rubber mats placed over either the dirt floor or some format of gravel are able to hold up to the rigors of horses better than dirt floors alone. However, maintenance of the stalls and mats will be required, as dirt and bedding make their way under the mats over the years, potentially causing […]

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Do This, Not That: Positive Reinforcement Key To Right Equine Behavior

When a horse is pawing in the crossties, the first instinct of many horse owners is to growl “quit it!” However, this may not be sending the right message to the offending equine, EQUUS magazine reports. According to researchers at St. Lawrence University in Canton, N.Y., a more positive approach has a better outcome. Called […]

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