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Thoroughbred Idea Foundation Urges Greater Transparency In Stewarding

The Thoroughbred Idea Foundation released a new white paper which outlines issues relative to stewarding, their reporting on incidents related to racing and the lack of transparency which accompanies such incidents, particularly in light of the oversights apparent in the process of demoting Maximum Security in the 2019 Kentucky Derby. “Make no mistake, the stewards […]

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Colonial Downs To Offer ‘Optimal Takeout Rates’ For 15-Day Meet

Following approval from the Virginia Racing Commission (VRC), Colonial Downs, in conjunction with the Virginia Horse Racing Benevolent and Protective Association (VHPBA), is proud to announce among the lowest industry takeout rates on all wagers for the upcoming Colonial Downs race meeting scheduled to open on August 8. The Colonial Downs Group, which has reestablished […]

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Thoroughbred Idea Foundation Paper Calls For Rules Change On Disqualifications

History is littered with the cries of athletes, fans, reporters and bettors who feel a sport’s officials made a “bad call.” But whether it is real or perceived, inconsistent officiating can be maddening and has the potential to erode customer confidence and impact future participation. Horse racing is no different. The virulence of opinions regarding […]

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Thoroughbred Idea Foundation White Paper Calls For Penny Breakage

The Thoroughbred Idea Foundation has released its first white paper. Titled “Penny Breakage – Returning rightful winnings to horseplayers and stimulating North America’s tote pools,” the paper details the scope of the perpetual rounding-down of dividends on winning tickets and why a shift to penny breakage would benefit the industry. Breakage is the amount of […]

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Patrick Cummings Named Thoroughbred Idea Foundation’s Executive Director

Patrick Cummings has been named executive director of the Thoroughbred Idea Foundation (TIF). A non-profit organization, TIF was established to create an active forum for the exchange and curation of ideas designed to improve the prospects of the thoroughbred industry and its stakeholders. “It is great to welcome Pat as the executive director of the Thoroughbred […]

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Commentary: It’s Time for a Change in Timing

In an editorial published Monday by Thoroughbred Racing Commentary, Trakus director of information Pat Cummings advocates for uniformity in the way races are timed in the United States. Cummings wrote that Trakus times races as requested by tracks, and hence has no vested interest in a rule change, but American handicappers do. The length of the run-up […]

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Dubai World Cup winning jockey Demuro planning to ride full Carnival

Patrick Cummings of Dubai Race Night profiles jockey Mirco Demuro, winner of the $10 million Dubai World Cup with Victoire Pisa. The Italian native, who rode three months for Prince Faisal bin Abdulaziz in Saudi Arabia some 20 years ago, is looking forward to a full three-month stay for the Dubai World Cup Carnival, which […]

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