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For Farriers, A Talented Racehorse Can Sometimes Be A ‘Quirky’ One

No matter how many hundreds of horses a racetrack farrier shoes over the years, there will be that one horse that stands out—some not for the best of reasons. Being politically correct, farriers often call these horses “quirky.” Most are superstars of the track, so their idiosyncrasies are indulged as long as they keep winning. […]

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‘Farrier Think Tank’: First International Farrier Syndicate Announced

A group of elite farriers in various disciplines have banded together to form the first farrier syndicate in the horse industry. International Farrier Syndicate is the brainchild of Thoroughbred farrier Pat Broadus and recent International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame inductee Danvers Child. Child described the syndicate as a “group of like-minded farriers working together as […]

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I Owe You How Much? The Cost Of Shoeing Horses

Your farrier finishes shoeing your horse and hands you a bill for the work. You look at the bill, muster a smile, and grab your checkbook even though you may be thinking, ‘A set of horseshoes costs about $15 and he spent less than an hour putting them on. Why is the bill so much?’ […]

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Hot And Cold: Custom Shoeing Versus ‘Plating’ For Thoroughbreds

A farrier pounding a red-hot shoe on an anvil is part of our equine heritage. Most disciplines prefer their farriers to hand-make shoes from bar stock using a forge to custom-fashion them for each particular horse. The shoes are applied to the bottom of the horse’s feet while still hot, a process called “burning,” which […]

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Problem-Solving: Conformation, Injuries Require Special Shoeing Care

If all Thoroughbreds were born with perfect conformation, farriers would have an easier job. But perfect Thoroughbreds are not the norm, so farriers must use all the tricks of the trade to keep them sound while they train and race. Pat Broadus is part of Broadus Brothers Horseshoeing, with his brother Chris and his father […]

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