Study: Fence Color Could Impact Safety For Steeplechasers

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) and Racing Foundation commissioned a study to determine a horse’s range of vision in an effort to make steeplechase fences easier for horses to see, thus reducing the risk of falls and injuries. The scientists involved in the study determined that horses view colors differently than humans. Humans and other […]

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Pumpkins For Ponies: Not a Bad Treat

With Halloween upon us (and Thanksgiving coming in a hurry), it can be tempting to feed horses some of the pumpkins we use to decorate our houses and barns. While feeding horses orange pumpkins is safe, they should not ingest other types of squash or pumpkins. As with most foodstuffs outside of hay, rations should […]

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Eat Up: Anise Flavoring May Make Horse Feed More Palatable

Many horses like the taste of peppermint and apple, and oftentimes these flavors are added to the feed and medicines in an effort to make them more palatable. Jesse Francis, a graduate student at Southern Illinois University, was curious about other flavors horses preferred, so she created a study to determine which oil-based flavorings horses […]

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Does Hurdle And Fence Color Affect Horse And Rider Safety?  

New research from the University of Exeter indicates that horses may see white and yellow more clearly than the color orange. Strips of orange are currently used on hurdles and fences on British racecourses to help the human eye process the location of the obstacle, but the new study indicates changing the colors of the […]

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