Iron Overload Can Be Fatal For Horses

Iron is an integral part of the equine diet; it carries oxygen in the hemoglobin of red blood cells through the body so the cells can produce energy. Found in some supplements to encourage red blood cell production, an overload of iron can be detrimental as it builds up in the horse’s body over time. […]

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Detection Of New Synthetic Drug Disturbing But Less Problematic Than Dermorphin

An announcement by the Association of Racing Commissioners International that the New York Equine Drug Testing Program confirmed the first incidence of a particular synthetic opioid in a racehorse was met with surprise and frustration. The finding of the drug, called AH-7921, may be unsettling, but experts say the substance is nothing new, and it […]

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Tummy Troubles: Managing Pain Key In Managing Colic

When a horse is colicking, you want to regulate their pain as quickly as possible, both to help them find comfort. But, did you know that managing their pain is key in a horse’s colic episode? In fact, pain in another part of the body – in joints, for example – and the accompanying stress […]

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