No Starch Overload: Ration Balancers Safe To Feed In One Meal

Horses are designed to eat almost continuously, so feeding multiple small meals throughout the day is ideal, as is offering near-constant access to forage. The equine stomach is relatively small, with a fairly short small intestine compared to other animals that have only one stomach. Proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are all absorbed in the […]

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Nutritional Needs Of Pregnant Mares

During a mare’s pregnancy, her weight will increase significantly, generally by about 9 to 12 percent of her original weight. This amount of weight she gains is equal to the weight of the foal at birth, plus the weight of the placenta and uterine fluids. This means that a 1,100-pound mare will gain between 100 […]

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Hoof Rings And Ridges: What’s The Difference?

Horse hooves that have rings and ridges can provide clues into a horse’s health history. Though it’s not uncommon for hooves to have cracks, chips or flares, these imperfections are more common on horses that don’t receive routine farrier care. More subtle changes in the hoof wall, like horizontal rings and ridges, offer a clue […]

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Cold Weather Wood Chewing

Some horses, even those that don’t typically chew wood, might try taking a nibble of stalls and fencelines when the weather turns damp and cold. Studies have shown that horses are more prone to gnaw on wood in winter, possibly because of an urge for more roughage as temperatures drop. While chewing wood can be […]

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UK Ag Equine Programs To Host 9th Annual Equine Showcase

University of Kentucky Ag Equine Programs will host the 9th annual UK Equine Showcase Jan. 24-25 at the Fayette County Extension office, 1140 Harry Sykes Way in Lexington. The event will highlight the university’s equine programs and relevant industry findings with an emphasis on the foal, from birth to weaning. The event will span two […]

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Kentucky Farmers Feeling The Stress Of Drought Conditions

Though Kentucky was overwhelmed with rain, which lead to waterlogged pastures a few months ago, the weather has done a complete 180 and left most everything close to bone dry. The state is in desperate need of rainfall—rapidly. Kentucky farmers are feeling the strain of the rain-less weather; the state is officially in an agricultural […]

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Moon Phase And Colic: Is There A Correlation?

Moon phases can affect both humans and animals on many levels, from fluctuations in hormones to fertility levels to immune responses. However, there has been no concrete evidence that the phases of the moon effect a horse’s colic risk. Because of this, Lucile Vigouroux, Danielle Ferriola, Linda Ritchie and Dr. Jesslyn Bryk-Lucy, DVM, created a […]

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Zoetis Announces Acquisition of Platinum Performance

Zoetis Inc. (NYSE: ZTS) today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Platinum Performance, a privately held, nutrition-focused animal heath company. Platinum’s premium nutritional product formulas and unique approach to the field of scientific wellness for horses, dogs and cats will further strengthen and diversify Zoetis’ portfolio in the equine and pet care […]

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Rutger’s Carey Williams Receives Equine Nutrition Award

The Equine Science Society (ESS) recognized Carey Williams, Ph.D., an equine extension specialist at Rutgers University, for her professional achievements in the equine industry on June 6 at the 2019 ESS Symposium in Asheville, N.C. The Equine Nutrition Research Award is sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association as part of its ongoing awards program, […]

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