BLM Gets Funding Boost For Wild Horse And Burro Population Control

The $1.4 trillion budget deal approved by Congress includes a significant funding boost for the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) wild horse and burro program. However, to gain access to the $21 million in funds, the BLM must produce an aggressive, nonlethal strategy to mange the mustang and burro populations that resides on public lands—this […]

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BLM Needs 15 Years And $5 Billion To Get Wild Horse Population Under Control

The overpopulation of wild horses on federal lands has been an issue for years. There are currently over 88,000 wild horses and burros on land that has been determined to be suitable for 26,500 horses. When the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act went into effect in 1971, the goal was to stop and reverse […]

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Bobby Kerr Headline Entertainer At Road To The Horse 2020

Road to the Horse 2020 “Back to the Ranch” theme is a celebration of the timeless values of the Western lifestyle and there isn’t a more fitting ambassador of the Western way of life than entertainer Bobby Kerr. Kerr has dedicated his life to his horses and his relentless passion for the Western lifestyle has […]

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Bureau Of Land Management Sued Over Plans For Wild Horse Removal

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was sued by wild horse advocates regarding a plan to remove wild horses from land in rural Nevada. The plaintiffs include Western Watersheds Project, American Wild Horse Campaign, The Cloud Foundation and land owner Laura Cunningham. The plaintiffs claim the planned removal violates a 40-year-old federal law. Approved in […]

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BLM Plans Two Helicopter Gathers Of Wild Horses In Early 2018

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has announced plans for a helicopter gather of wild horses in the Cold Springs and Hog Creek Herd Management Areas in Oregon beginning in January and February. The BLM has a commitment to keeping public lands healthy and productive. Located 45 miles southwest of Vale, the Cold Springs Herd […]

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Brain Size Matters: Are Horses Smarter Than Humans?

William Simpson lives with his wife Laura in a remote area of the Soda Mountain Wilderness, which is on the Oregon-California border. The Simpsons are lucky enough to see all sorts of wild animals, including herds of wild horses that pass literally right through their back yard. The horses in the Soda Mountain Wilderness Area […]

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Calling All Equine Photographers: Horses In Need Photo Project Seeking Applicants

Each year, the Equine Photographers Network hosts a contest for Horses in Need, which is open to all professional and amateur photographers, reports Horse Channel. Those wishing to participate simply need to choose a horse, an individual or an organization that embodies the theme “horses in need.” Possible topics include adoptable Mustangs, horse rescue organizations, […]

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Mustang With Rough Start Named ASPCA Horse Of The Year

Born in Nevada on open land, Sutter the Mustang was rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management when he was 2 years old and placed up for adoption. Adopted out quickly (most likely helped by his Palomino coat), Sutter’s first adoptive home turned out to be anything but dreamy, reports Horse Channel. The American […]

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$1 Billion Shortfall Caused By Mustang Herd Growth, Says BLM

The majority of the more than $1 billion revenue shortfall by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is caused by the cost of caring for the thousands of horses residing in long-term holding facilities, the entity claims. However, some Mustang advocates believe that the gap is not because of herd overpopulation, but the agency’s failure to […]

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