Enriched Environment Leads To Innovative Equines

A German study has shown that an enriched stable environment can enhance a horse’s problem-solving abilities. The study, completed by Drs. Laureen Esch, Caroline Wöhr, Michael Erhard and Konstanze Krüger, used 16 horses to determine if they could find an innovative solution to gain access to feed in a new feeder. The scientists broke down […]

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Is Isolation Key For Stallion Safety? Not Necessarily

Though many of the traits linking domestic horses to their wild ancestors have been dulled or lost during the years man has worked with them, some characteristics remain the same, including a horse’s need for other equine interaction. Many horses kept for sport or for recreation are housed in stalls, which is completely contradictory to […]

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Do Rectal Exams Stress Mares?

Rectal exams are performed on mares for multiple reasons, the most common being as a tool in evaluating pregnancy and for investigation of intestinal issues like colic. Recent research shows that mares that are used to these exams are not stressed by the procedure. Elizevan Vollenhoven, Catharina Cornelia Grantb, Lizelle Fletcherc, Martin Lance Schulman, Patrick […]

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Macho, Macho Man: Why Some Geldings Insist On Acting Like Stallions

Some geldings act as though they have forgotten they’ve been gelded, but sometimes their diligence to watching out for “their” herdmates—particularly mares–can distract them from training and possibly make them a danger to handle. While some dominant behavior is to be expected with male horses, a gelding assuming the role of a stallion in a […]

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Who’s Da’ Man? New Research On Stallion Semen Composition

New research has recently found that the quality of a stallion’s semen is directly affected by situations in which there is competition with other male stallions for fertile females. There are key variables involved with semen production that should be kept in mind: In addition to the actual spermatozoa, horses and other warm-blooded animals produce […]

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Bloodlines Presented By Woodbine: Breaking Down The Breeding Stats

The annual statistical ball of wax regarding the matings of stallions and mares has just been released by the Jockey Club, and the gross totals show that 227 stallions in Kentucky covered 17,750 (52.6 percent of all mares reported bred in North America), with an average book of slightly more than 78 mares. By way […]

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Kentucky vets report more cases of placentitis

Veterinarians at the University of Kentucky are reporting an increase in the number of cases of nocardioform placentitis.  It’s a unique form of bacterial placentitis affecting late gestation mares, and it can cause abortion, stillbirth or compromised foals.

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Foolish Pleasure: It’s a filly and mare world

Need more proof the last year was dominated by fillies and mares? Blogger Foolish Pleasure put together a list of all the top honors the ladies have won worldwide and its an impressive one for sure.

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